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Family Stories 
Post 1 - Holidays

Advice for eating well: short essays on wining, dining, morsels and meals.

Be a "Yes, and" Eater
Eat Alone 
Get Thee a Butcher 

I dream of steak - A photo diary 
Post 4 
Post 5 

Posts by Location 

Charlottesville, VA
Late May Lunch at Brasserie
Afternoon Snack at Common House
Red Bowl at Slate Cafe

Lancaster County, PA
Dinner at Bistro Barbaret
Lunch at Mount Pepper 
Dinner at Callaloo Trinidadian Kitchen
Sweet and Savory Crepes at Rachel's Creperie 
Meatballs and Arugula at Rooster Street Butcher

Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

Other extraordinary meals 


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