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I started a blog, a long time ago, called Lamenting Icarus. Since then, LI has been my name for everything. It's my instagram, my gamertag, and still the name of my blog. I long ago stopped posting on the original Lamenting Icarus. But, what I love about food and dining is the details, the little things. Lamenting Icarus, and now Icarus Eats, has always and still is about the little things.  

There is nothing I love so much as sharing a plate of food. I was lucky to grow up with a German grandmother and a Southern grandpa. Having met abroad and traveled together, they both love to eat. I have inherited their appetites. While, I grew up eating my way through Europe and the Carolinas, in my teens, our culinary excursions took a more Asian theme. My grandmother's taste, after being struck by breast cancer, changed dramatically. She longed for vegetables and new flavors. Thai, Chinese, Japanese hit the spot.

Icarus Eats, documents my favorite meals and dishes. Documenting food while eating it is sometimes a challenge. The best meals I've ever had I never thought to photograph. I was too taken up in eating the delicious food to think of snapping a photo until it was too late. But, I endeavor to eat slowly, appreciate colors and textures and tastes and snap a photo or two along the way.


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