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I have stopped over planning my vacations. When I used to travel, as soon as I'd arrive in a location, I wanted to see everything. Likely, weeks of preparation went in to squeezing as much out of a trip as possible. After all, what if I never made it back? 

 A few years ago, a friend of mine died after deteriorating over two weeks. His death was sudden and sad and spurred me into travelling. I had the realization, which I suspect many people do at one time or another, that life was terribly short and I needed to stop loafing around. I started to visit places I had always wanted to see, but never had. 

I'm not positive that slow travelling was a choice. I think, the summer after my friend died, I was just very tired. I had booked a flight to San Francisco on the heals of his passing. When I arrived, I really wanted to sleep. So I did. I woke up hungry, investigated the neighborhood and ate a great breakfast. Then I meandered around until I got hungry and ate a great lunch. So it went. I chose a place or two I had to see, then just walked around and ate tasty food. I caught up with some friends here and there (though I'm pretty sure I forgot to contact most until my last two days...oops). I ate some more and walked some neighborhoods. I sat in parks. It was exactly what I needed.  

I walked a lot of Florence. From my Airbnb right outside of the center city, I was never more than a few miles from anywhere. I walked, observed mid-day siesta and walked some more. I had more gelato than I can remember. I'm pretty sure I ate it morning, noon and night sometimes! I love light fresh citrus flavors. I ate porchetta sandwiches with basil pesto out of little window shops.  I grabbed pastas from market and pizzas from corner pizzerias. I ate incredible pastry. And I walked. It's a good way to tra


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