Italy Eats - Mercato

The last few weeks I've been itching to travel and unfortunately, I was landlocked this spring break due to sickness and obligations. I hate being sick during vacations, so the week seemed even more interminable that it should have been. But, it did leave me tons of time to process pictures from my trip to Tuscany last summer. I hope you'll enjoy a few of my flashbacks! 

Should you be so lucky as to visit Florence in the near future, I highly recommend the Mercato Centrale.  Honestly, I could have probably eaten every meal there. There are vendors beyond count upstairs and downstairs. It is a dream. 

Sometimes when traveling, I fixate on a few types of food and want to eat them all the time. Squash blossoms and octopus captivated my attention early in the trip and I could not shake their call. 


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