Lunch at Mount Pepper

One of my great joys, working at an international boarding school, is eating with my students. Unlike a typical meal in the dining hall, when eating out, students are ardent in pursing excellence in their own cuisines. Students have lead me to incredible spots off the beaten trail. I, myself, love sharing great restaurants with my friends. But there is something extra special about having a student direct my dining experience. They seem so mature, hailing the restaurant owner in their native language and asking for special off-menu items. Mid-order, they stop and check in with me, inquiring, "Do you eat this?" Or reassuring me, "this is tasty."

I also love learning about new spice. I love hearing students describe the juxtaposition of flavor in a rice dish, or having to drain a whole glass of water because I've daringly tried the noodles in the angry red sauce. So often international students complain that American food is bland. Such was not the case eating out at Mount Pepper.

Mount Pepper doesn't look like much from the outside. In fact, had I not been directed to it, I would never have stopped. Shame on me, and don't judge a book by it's cover. Our meal was fantastic and spicy!

While the meat dishes were tasty, the vegetable dishes were phenomenal. I could have eaten the veggie hot pot and spicy eggplant all on my own.

I hope you are doing some adventurous eating!


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