Dinner at Bistro Barbaret

Sometimes I am served a meal that is very good. A lame beginning, I recognize, but true. Sometimes when I sit down to a meal, I am astonished by the strong flavors and in my core I feel warm and satisfied.

But other times, a meal or a dish, manages to go one step further. By means of flavor and aroma, said dish both satiated and reminded of home/Germany/Europe.

This idea of home/Germany/Europe is a strange combination of feelings and memories that I chase in every dining experience.

These sense memories are dim recollections from my youth,
stories from my relatives,
smells of spices,
the feel of lentils and peas on the pads of my fingers,
the cool clean smell of my great grandmother's kitchen.
Strange memories.

Stranger still, I often find home/Germany/Europe eating French food.

Now, I understand that these cuisines are in many ways very different. I will continue to explore why this phenomenon happens in fancy French restaurants.

Bistro Barbaret is my newest discovery in Lancaster. I wanted to try every item on the menu and was seduced by the promise of french lentils into trying a sausage dish. For the record, being raised by a German Oma, I am a critical judge and discriminating consumer of sausage. This meal may have been, in my adult life, the first time I have ordered a sausage in a restaurant. Why would I when there are other elaborate dishes that I cannot prepare myself?

My waitress suggested truffles. Perhaps, it was. Perhaps it was something like celery. I could not say. But some flavor took my breath and showed me home.

It was very special.


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