Sweet and Savory Crepes at Rachel's Crepery - my unending battle with texture

I love crepes. My grandmother used to make them for me on Sundays. She was so skilled in the magic alchemy of crepe making that shes could make them in a frying pan. They were light and spongy and I ate so many of them.  I even had a special bear-shaped shaker of cinnamon sugar. The top was always slightly dusty and smelled sweet.

In Charlottesville, The Flat makes exceptional crepes in just that style. On special trips over to B&N or Barracks Road, teenage Natasha would always throw in a trip to flat. I loved the savory crepes: ham and brie especially. But simple butter and sugar is my favorite.

This week I tried famous Rachel's creperie in Lancaster. My students and my friends speak highly of it. And the flavors warrant the praise. I had an incredible Mediterranean crepe with chicken followed by a butter and cinnamon sugar crepe for dessert.

Unfortunately the hard and inflexible texture of my crepes left me sorely disappointed. Crepes should not be hard! More and more in dining, texture is a joy-killer. Nothing is more disappointing than when a meal tastes delicious but has unfortunate mouthfeel. I am not giving up on Rachel's yet. I'm going to try and ask for a less well-done crepe. We'll see how it goes.


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