Dinner at Issei Noodles

As I've mentioned on the 'gram, I've been sick. While I'll sometimes be wiped out by a head cold, I'm rarely really, truly laid out by a sickness. This time, I'm fairly sure I was tangling with influenza. It was, needless to say, GROSS. However, it did mean I was eating a ton of soup. As soon as I was out of bed, I  embarked on an excursion for Ramen. Next to Pho it's like healing magic.

I'm learning a lot about Ramen. One of my newly acquired bits of knowledge it that Ramen can have lots of different base broths. This particular ramen dish had a sea salt broth. It was incredible. I'm a fiend for eggs in my ramen. I made that addition. Issei Noodles was featuring a Brussel sprout add-on. SOO good.


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