January Meal - Back 40

My Grandmother, henceforth called Omi, likes to tell a story about my Uncle Gregor's first trip to the United States. Omi and Opa lived in Texas and Uncle Gregor came toting his camera, surprised and amazed by everything he saw. The climate, the land, everything was very different from his home in Germany. One of his biggest surprises was the large size of American portions. 

Purportedly, after ordering a T-bone steak at a restaurant, Uncle Gregor was so surprised at the size of the meat he ordered, he stood up on his chair to take a photo before scarfing down the whole thing. He had to document for everyone back home how generous the portion had been. Clearly, he's a man after my own heart. Photo first, eat second.  

My meal at Back 40 recalls my Uncle's experience. I tackled a giant 36 ounce Rib-eye steak, luckily for me and tummy, with the help of my friend T. Back 40 is a cozy, private restaurant with a rustic feel and delightfully high ceilings. 

T and I shared a beet salad and ricotta gnocchi with pork ragu to start our meal. The colors were beautiful. 

We split our gigantic rib-eye. Even with our joint effort, there was much to take home for second dinner. The vegetable accompaniments were excellent.

We finished off our meal with a caramel feta cheesecake topped with carrots and candied pecans. Without a doubt, this was the highlight of the meal. T, who dearly loves beets, may disagree.

Overall, this was a very nice meal. The more I eat, the more I learn about my own preferences for food. I like food piping hot. Unless I'm told to expect otherwise, perhaps because a dish is best served cool, I expect my food to come out hotter than lukewarm. Both the steak and the gnocchi were cooler than I would have liked. However, temperature does not outweigh flavor and the flavors of this meal were robust and unique. And my beet Negroni was magnificent.


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