Holiday Wine Tasting at In Vino Veritas

I totally forgot about this post, so it's in fact, quite overdue. While I was home for the holidays, I had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting at my friend Erin's wine shop, In Vino Veritas. It was excellent. I am mostly a drinker of red wines. But, I can unabashedly say that really enjoyed this tasting! I am fond of a little bubbly. Erin's descriptions, over on her blog, are lovely. I think I enjoyed the Cremant the most. 

This tasting was a great reminder that I enjoy being a participant. I love going to special events, dinners, wine tastings, classes etc. One of my tasks for the 2018 year is to dive into my food community. I loved getting to know the makers in Cville and I can't wait to do so up here. 


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