Dinner at Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria

Sometimes its best to start at the end. Dinner at Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria is good any way you slice it, beginning to end, head to heel. But, Budino and Zepolle, chocolate pudding and ricotta donuts, are one of my favorite combinations with which to finish a meal.

This excursion to Lampo was a special outing with my friend Erin from In Vino Veritas. She is attempting to educate me in the ways of the Negroni. I remain a dubious student.

I was, however, determined to sample as many foods from the oven as my stomach could handle. Pizza, steak and brussels were all I could manage. Though I did save a teensy bit of room for some mozzarella.

All in all, a deeply gratifying meal. Thanks Erin for taking some great pictures and eating some tasty food with me!


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