A quick lunch at Poke Bowl

I am a fiend for sushi and noodles. While I admit, my original forays into raw fish were aimed at demonstrating my coolness to my friends, sushi is now my go to summer, and maybe year round, food. Let's be clear, I'm a tad dubious about sushi far away from a sea. But, I can usually find something to like if it fits a certain price/portion size/rice ratio sweet spot. Hawaiian Poke nails that spot with gleeful abandon. 

Lancaster sports a lovely joint, Chop Sushi, and Silver Rice in NY is my absolute favorite. Charlottesville has just gotten a poke joint and it's workable. My qualms are mostly customer service related. The udon, ordered by my companion, and my poke bowl were both tasty. And giant. I didn't finish my bowl! A shocker, I know. 



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