Holiday Meal - Brasserie Saison

What a fine vacation for eating. I returned home to Virginia with a simple plan: eat as well as possible. One of my first meals home was this little indulgence at Brasserie Saison. Warm mulled cider started things off. 

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the meal was the deviled egg spread with savory waffles. Delicious. The potato crisps added a fantastic crunch.

I am a lover of pork belly and tried this next dish with quite some enthusiasm. The flavors were very satisfying. The balsamic sauce was delicious. I wished everything had been warmer. The warm grits, cool pork and cold egg were a little overwhelming for me, despite the excellent flavors.

Simple Salmon Crudo. Fresh and lovely.

I finished the meal with a popcorn and lime pudding and some holiday ice-cream. The cognac in the ice-cream was worthy of a few lip-smacks.


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