I am always on the look out for delicious octopus. I’m sure I’ve written about it before. I fell in love once with the 8 armed creature in a dish so delicious it occupies the grandest of spots in my memory. 

There might have been chorizo involved. 
It was lightly charred. 
Bits of the skin were crispy in my mouth, tasting of fire. 
It was the perfect texture. Not chewy or gummy. 
I ordered it on a whim. 
The first bite was shocking. 
Clean and delicious. 

Likely, it wasn’t THAT great. 

But, like so many fish stories, the tale of my octo-love affair improves every time I tell it. Consequently, I rarely find an octopus preparation that meets my real and imagined expectations. It is too rubbery and tough. or I dislike the overpowering accoutrements. 

This octopus from @daikayadc did the job very well...very well indeed. The truest testament to it's excellence was that it so completely overshadowed it's pairings. The potato that accompanied it, literally made for me, with cream and butter, fluffy and enticing, was bland in comparison. 



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