November Meal - Dimsum Baltimore

The first time I had dimsum I was somewhere in the snowy hills near Pittsburgh. My friend and I had made hours-long trek up to PA from NC on the heels of a blizzard to visit Carnegie Mellon. Dimsum lunch was one of our first stops. "Try the chicken feet" and "Oh, that's tripe..." are the only two things I remember him saying before he and his girlfriend tucked in. 

Though daunted by the phalanges, I fell in love with the tripe. Lightly spiced with ginger and pepper, I didn't want to share and ordered myself another dish. Who knew I would love stomach so much! Dumpling after dumpling followed the tripe and I was smitten. 

We couldn't finish our feast and carried a good deal of it home. I remember afterward that those chicken feet, taken home for  the next morning's breakfast, were swollen when next I looked at them. That ruined me on chicken feet. The taste of which, for you non-foot-eaters, is delicious, albeit the little bones are difficult. 

Anytime I'm in DC, I stop at a little joint off 14th street called Dao Hong Pao. In NY, most often I'll drop by Dim Sum Go-Go. I'm excited to add ZhongShan in Baltimore to my list. Excellent, excellent.


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