First Snow

Every year I dream of a white christmas. Ever since I fell in love with Danny Kaye, that basically all I want: White Christmas, some great food and tall witty man to sing to me.

Like many folks, I'm sure, snow makes me think of warm and cozy things like hot chocolate (an aquired taste of my adulthood), tea, fireplaces and cookies. One of my most vivid memories of the winter holidays was making christmas cookies with my great-grandmother. She had come to visit Omi, Opa and I from Germany one year. She stayed with us for several months. She and I stood by the counter top and decorated cookie after cookie with the dough she had made.

My Oma was a cool lady. She'd chase me around our kitchen and play tag. She always wore a skirt or a dress and very often an apron when she was piddling around the house. She spoke no english, and I very little german. We loved each other.


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