DC List - Georgetown

While I worked most of Thanksgiving break, I took a quick refresher down to Georgetown on Black Friday with one of my friends. Glorious. Naturally, since it was a quick trip, I was determined to make it count. Needless to say, it as a weekend of excellent eating. 

Breakfast - Le Pan Quotidian - I tried the Avacado Toast with Smoked Salmon. It was delightful. More delightful still, hearing the mishmash of romance and germanic languages spoken around us. Ah, Europe. 

Lunch - Cafe Bonaparte - Savory Crepes, Pomme Frites (stolen from my friend) and Cheesecake. I'm always on the lookout for cheesecakes that evoke my childhood memories of a bakery in my Grandmother's hometown of Bitz. More cheese, less sweet, firm not so creamy. Cafe Bonaparte was a good find. And, as we sat by the window, a great people watching spot. 

Dinner - Daikaya Izakaya  - Our dinner at Daikaya was incredible from food to service. Mushrooms, Crab balls, Octopus, Age Dashi Tofu, Grilled Avocado. We consumed a veritable feast of flavors. One of the highlights, though I didn't really want to order it myself, was the pickled vegetables. I have never eaten a pickled Daikon that reminded me of stinky cheese. The flavors were sensational. 


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