July Meal - The Shack

The Shack 
pimento cheese, pickles, crackers
280 day dry aged steak tartare, foie gras, fermented strawberry, rhubarb 
cucumber salad, fennel, fennel flowers, peaches
spaghetti chitarra, little neck clams, uni butter, grains of paradise 
gemelli, rabbit, chanterelles, gjetost cheese
raspberries,  lemon curd, mint meringue 
virginia peanut blanc mange, bay crumble, black berries

This was a pretty astounding meal. Further, it was very hard to choose what to get. I am not usually struck dumb by the choices on a menu. But in this case, it was difficult. The Shack is one of my all time favorite spots to eat. It's little and unassuming. The food is dynamite. 


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